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Photo by Justin Patterson


Hi, I’m Sabina Lueras! Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico on vividly colorful sunsets, imaginative people, and heaps of green chile, I am no stranger to daydreaming in lands of enchantment.

After spending many bright New Mexican days filling the spaces of dark black box theatres with song and play, I fell in love with the world of drama. I found my passion for movement and dance as a competitive figure skater - in a rink best remembered as the first place in the world I could celebrate my collection of scrapes and bruises as tokens of risk-taking and learning to fly through the air.

It was home where I was graced with an unshakable passion for music and theatre, thrusting me into the exciting new world of the East Coast. At Ithaca College, I have been lucky to train, refine, and celebrate my love for singing, acting, and dance on the daily. After my upcoming graduation with my BFA in Musical Theatre, I plan to relocate to New York City to quench my desires for performance and artistic creation. See you there!

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